5.5. Reporting bugs

As all software in the world this one has also bugs. I try my best to lower number of them. But as with all bugs it's hard to kill them all. So if you find any please notify me.

If you find a bug please try to reproduce it. Reproducing a bug means a lot about it and helps developers to remove it ASAP. But if you're not able to reproduce it also please give us a message about it.

Project maintains public bug list which is available on SourceForge under following URL http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=87916&atid=584853. Anyone is allowed to insert entries into it. So if you find a bug go straight to this page and write all informations that you think could help.

Informations you should include in a bug report: v-q's version, architecture, operating system, error description, messages printed by program, configuration (except passwords of course :-), action description. And of course if you can reproduce it please write all actions to do it.

If you can please write a test case for a bug and send us a patch. It will mean a lot for us.

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