1.5. Important changes

Following list represents only important changes which can influence compatibility with previous version, etc.

Version 12. Logger has been extended with following functions (new views in database): dom_ls, service_ls, result_ls, user_ls_by_dom, read_by_sql, rm_by_sql.

Version 11. It's now possible to modify user's account - change flags, password at the same time. Also fixed compilation problems with gcc 4.0.

Version 10. Database modified - new view added vq_view_user_cnt_by_dom; during database upgrade user_add function is modified (fix for PostgreSQL 8). Jar files were moved to PREFIX/lib/vq/. RPM package v-q-jdbc is created only when rpmbuild gets "--with jdbc" on the command line. Database function user_add has been extended by one argument. New configurationfile for qmailvqd "backup_deleted", it's used to tell if you want to have user's files backed up during removing.

Version 9. qmailvqd doesn't eat CPU when idle. It plays nice now ;-)

Version 8. qmailvqd exits when connection to iauth implementation is lost. It writes information about it to standard error output. File locking has been rewritten, it's now more stable.

Version 7. Lookups into vq_emails_banned are made now with LIKE. Previous version used PostgreSQL's POSIX expressions. If you have entries in vq_emails_banned you should update them.

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