5.7. Authors

At this time this software is developed by a single man company called foo-baz.com which is owned by Paweł Niewiadomski.

5.7.1. Paweł Niewiadomski

Don't know what to put here. I have an on-line CV where you can read about my work experience. I also run a blog where you can read some articles about Virtual Qmail, Unix and other stuff that I wanted to write about.

In short I'm an Unix guy which loves creating good applications. I work as a developer and manager of a programming division. I live in a small city called Koszalin in Poland. I try to run small company called foo-baz.com. At this time my only product is my knowledge about v-q, qmail, apache, Linux, OpenBSD and databases. May be some day it will make foo-baz.com a profitable company :-)

5.7.2. Robert Ramiega

Robert issued patch for gcc 4.0 support, also described changes required to compile v-q on Debian.

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