7.2. Dependencies

This is a sophisticated software that depends on few other projects.

Common dependencies are:

7.2.1. Mail transfer agent

At this time only qmail is supported. So before you begin you must install it.

We suggest you installing qmail patched using Qmail-patches. But v-q doesn't require that, you can use any version you want.

We hope that as time comes other MTAs will be supported.

7.2.2. Using PostgreSQL

First you need to download PostgreSQL. Using newest stable version is suggested. You also need libpqxx at least in version 2.4.2 and PERL module called DBI::Pg (if you want to use automatic installation script). All programs you can download from http://www.postgresql.org.

7.2.3. Using Oracle

From version 7pre1 Oracle is a supported database. At this time you can use it only throught JDBC daemons. You will need JDBC drivers for your Oracle version, they are not included. Sample SQL scripts are placed in base/oracle directory. Oracle 10g was tested using ojdbc14.jar, but v-q should work without problems with older versions.

7.2.4. Other database systems

Following is a list of database systems that are not compatible with v-q:

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