Chapter 7. Installation

Table of Contents
7.1. Downloading
7.2. Dependencies
7.2.1. Mail transfer agent
7.2.2. Using PostgreSQL
7.2.3. Using Oracle
7.2.4. Other database systems
7.3. Preparation
7.3.1. Creating user and group
7.3.2. Unpacking sources
7.3.3. Configuration before compilation
7.4. Compilation
7.5. Installation
7.5.1. Special steps for Qmail
7.5.2. Special steps for PostgreSQL
7.5.3. What if I have problems?

Step-by-step installation guide.

7.1. Downloading

First it is good to check project's home page.

Download page at SourceForge includes all files released by this project. You can go there and get the newest version.

You can download newest version from Subversion repository at

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